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I always said I wasn't creative until I started photographing my friends' weddings, just for fun, as a guest. I was obsessed with learning everything I could, and not long after, I started mentoring under a friend and photographer in Vancouver. My passion led me to use photography as a self care tool, and later transformed into a successful business corporation.

I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer, documenting the connection between family members. I am drawn to candid images of moms laughing with their children, or grandparents sharing a smile and thinking back to their dating days. Those are the photos I take.

My clients hire me to capture their perfectly imperfect families, with no real milestone necessary. They don't need to have a new baby, or get engaged, although those events definitely call for professional photography.

Most of my clients love to be in their images, like I do. They want someone else to take images of their kids, like I do. They want to hang prints and buy high quality canvases of their families, like I do.

My clients value photographs and the art of photography. Maybe this sounds like you too? Welcome to Heidema Photography.

ABOUT | leili

I believe in...trusting my gut. learning new things. being present. eating a lot of avocado. God. excellence. boundaries. attachment parenting. creating the life you want. being kind. journaling with pretty pens. following all the passions your heart desires. building supportive work cultures. spending weekends in my pijamas.

I am...mother of two boys. obsessed with all things business. a trained clinical therapist with a Masters in Psychology. a wife to a man who always has my back. dreaming of my next travel adventure. lover of art. a mentor for other photogs. a recovering perfectionist. a leader who values meeting people where they're at. always on the lookout for a sunny patio.   


clean • simple • timeless

Years from now I want you to look back at the images from your session and remember your family just as it is right now. Families change, babies grow, milestones come and go- and at the end of the day, all we have left of these memories are the images.